Job Openings

Kitchen Staff- Sisters of St. Francis

Date Posted:
November 17, 2023

Is responsible to complete all jobs according to job break down sheet. This position involves working in a kitchen environment to prepare, cook and serve quality meals while maintaining sanitary conditions. Gives witness to the Franciscan values of reconciliation, peace and justice, responsible stewardship and respect for the individual.


A. Is responsible for washing and sanitizing all work areas before and after work
B. Ensures hands are washed before starting work and often during shift. Must wear name tag and pull hair back.
C. Is responsible for completing all assigned jobs may include:
1) GA breakfast, supper and/or dinner- completes all scullery from food prep, replenishing items, recycling, setting up and clearing hot and/or cold lines. Writing menu on the boards and making preparations for future meals.
2) MA breakfast, supper and/or dinner- completes all scullery from food preps, serve on the tray line, steam table duties, food preparations for future meals.
3) Dishwasher duties- assigned cleaning, tray line service, use dishwasher to wash dishes and put away when finished. Collect and empty carts, trash and compost duties, handle laundry responsibilities, and help replenish items as well as assisting with meal set up.
4) Cleaner duties- responsible for cleaning all areas listed in job break down sheets for the job(s) assigned for the day.