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Material Support

Date Posted:
November 15, 2021

Perform duties of Material Support 8 position. Perform all required duties in connection with receiving products and parts into warehouse, pull products and parts from location and move them to appropriate areas, load and un-load trucks. Complete necessary loading documents, and follow verbal instructions. Perform various material handling duties including, but not limited to: counting, weighing, sorting, locating, stocking and delivering parts, materials fabricated in-process stock, supplies, tools or equipment to required areas. Determine location and proper identification of parts and products.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: – Other duties may be assigned:
Pack, locate and crate various items of Hill-Rom products for domestic and international shipments. Wrap and load finished products on trucks in overseas containers and other similar vehicles. Using Hill-Rom shipping orders – locate, check quantity and pack appropriately and type of material. Unload and receive products and parts. Cut and assemble crating, use wrapping material and steel banding to properly package items for shipments. Use industrial trucks, forklifts, order pickers, hand trucks, electric pallet movers, manual effort, or any other means necessary to carry and move products, parts, supplies, material, tools and equipment to and from departments, floors or plant areas. Move material to and from machines and workstations in proper sequence avoiding production delays. Follow established routines to load overhead conveyor line; will be required to maintain a consistent kitting or hanging pattern that conforms to maximum efficiency within the department.

Follow verbal and/or written instructions and established procedures as to methods of operation and completion of job tasks. May need to read reports for instructions. Must be knowledgeable of inventory management system, stock movement procedures and overall manufacturing method of operations. Must use computer to determine or reconcile schedules and have an understanding of reports and documents.

Fill out required paperwork as necessary. Maintain a high degree of accuracy in reporting the results from reports and information obtained. Responsible to insure that all pertinent information gets forwarded to the appropriate materials personnel, as well as report any change of location of products.

Complete/maintain required paperwork such as quality charts, work instructions, production charts, log books, etc.

Investigate and analyze discrepancies in material and parts availability. May be necessary to assist in expediting parts required for production. Update Company databases to transfer stock to appropriate locations. Run errands, locate missing parts and perform various related duties to aid in maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted supply of material within plant areas. Bring any discrepancies in inventory accuracy or records to the attention of the department supervisor. Must lock/secure parts, material and supplies as instructed by supervisor. Question the presence of unauthorized individuals in stock/storage areas as required.

As required, clean and make minor adjustments and repairs on parts, materials and products. Maintain vehicle in a clean and orderly condition including checking and adding oil, fuel/levels, etc. Report promptly when maintenance and repair work is needed. Follow prescribed driving procedures and use of the daily vehicle operator’s checklist. Perform other stock related duties that may be assigned.

Responsible for both quality and quantity of work: Participate in team activities and problem solving sessions as required. Communicate problems and/or solutions to appropriate team member. Must follow processes and procedures as written. As needed, document and/or chart production data to aid in problem identification, quality feedback and production scheduling. Troubleshoot problems when necessary. Train, instruct and assist other operators in their duties as required to ensure a quality product and smooth flow. Perform shelf life perishability audits as assigned. Accurately fill out the shelf life perishability identification sticker with all appropriate information.

Evaluate defective material and tooling, faulty operations, questionable conditions and potential work stoppages. Advise and recommend alternatives to appropriate team member. Ensure that work area and equipment are maintained in a clean, orderly and safe condition. Follow prescribed safety regulations.

The above description covers the most significant duties performed but does not exclude other occasional work assignments not mentioned. The inclusion of which would be in conformity with the factor degrees assigned to this job.