Purchase a new #OneBatesvilleStrong Gift Certificate to your favorite local Batesville Area Chamber Member business and they will receive 100% of the funds!  Then the Chamber will match $5 for every $20 purchased.  The funds will go to local families in need and non-profits, etc.  All #OneBatesvilleStrong gift certificates will come in increments of $10.

They can be mailed or picked-up at Batesville Area Chamber located at 301 Shopping Village by calling 812-934-3101.  BECAUSE WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!


The #OneBatesvileStrong Program was developed by the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce and local business sponsors with the sole purpose of supporting those in our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program enables customers to put dollars into the hands of their favorite businesses while also providing assistance to those affected by this crisis.

​The program is really quite simple. Buy 1, Give 1. When you purchase #OneBatesvilleStrong gift certificates through our website ( or call the Chamber office at 812-934-3101, a portion of your purchase will be matched through our Chamber Sponsors.  The idea is to get money flowing back into local businesses (100% goes to the business) who may be experiencing a dramatic reduction in revenues, while at the same time providing assistance to families and non-profits. We have partnered with the Batesville Area Resource Center who helped create One Batesville Task Force. This task force launched the One Batesville Community Response Fund. The fund will provide emergency financial relief to support families that have lost significant income.


  • In order to participate in the Buy 1, Give 1 #OneBatesvilleStrong Program your business must be a Batesville Area Chamber Member.
  • If your business is not a member, please call the Batesville Area Chamber at 812-934-3101 to discuss membership benefits.


It’s really quite simple:​

  • First, enroll your business with the Buy 1, Give 1 #OneBatesvilleStrong Program by emailing Melissa Tucker at or call 812-934-3101.
  • Customers will then have the opportunity to purchase these gift certificates to use at your business.
  • Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce will be printing “New” $10 #OneBatesvilleStrong gift certificates at the Chamber office. #OneBatesvilleStrong gift certificates expire one year from purchase.
  • When a customer completes an order he/she will receive an email confirmation.  Then the Chamber will download the customer order.  Lastly, the Chamber will fill out the new gift certificates’ pay to order with the business name, date, and gift certificate number.
  • Gift Certificates can be used immediately at essential businesses or once the “stay-at-home” order is lifted for non-essentials businesses.  For accounting purposes, please keep the gift certificates for your records.