Icon Solar Power LLC

Company Focuses on Solar Energy

You might have been seeing Icon Solar more present in Batesville through the chamber and social media. However, just like their solar systems, you might never know they’ve been installing in Batesville since 2010. But why is a company out of Milford, Ohio, in the Batesville Chamber when it’s an hour away?
That’s partly the idea of Sean Andres, their new employee, who is also a Hoosier from Dover. His maternal family’s roots run deep in Batesville and Morris and, to him, it’s a second home. Icon Solar has installed systems in Batesville and Greensburg, and the number keeps rising. “That’s really why we’re getting more involved in the Batesville area so that we can be a part of the communities we serve. When you purchase from us, you become a part of the Icon Solar family,” Andres notes.
Icon Solar stands out by being one of the most experienced solar installers in the Midwest. Amid the rise of solar power in the U.S., Icon Solar’s owners saw an opportunity for business. The future of solar looked bright. So in 2009, the founders began installing in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky and grew to become the leading residential solar installer in the three states. Where most solar installers focus on commercial jobs, Icon ensures that their products get the most benefit for residential customers, financially and aesthetically.
Icon Solar continues to stand against the many obstacles facing solar – from home owners associations to governments. “Our customers, now passionate solar advocates, sometimes even take the fight to the state level themselves, as in the case of one Indianapolis customer. He is taking on the highly restrictive HOAs in Indiana so that he can install his solar system on the front of the house. That’s one area where potential customers can count on Icon – working with HOAs to allow solar in their neighborhoods,” Andres reveals.
“Icon Solar’s sole purpose and expertise is solar power. It shows on their work and their passion to save you money and help you reduce your carbon footprint in the process. As a full-circle service, turnkey solution company, we ensure the process to convert to solar energy is a stress-free one. Icon assesses your house for solar, designs and coordinates, installs, takes care of utility connection for grid-tied systems and paperwork for any permits, grants and rebates.
“That’s why Icon Solar has been chosen to be a trusted partner in so many Solarize programs. We’ve been operating in Bloomington and Muncie Solarize and have recently been chosen for Solarize in the Greater Cincinnati area and, most recently announced, the Indianapolis area. These programs educate the public on solar while offering friendly competition among multiple solar companies and great customer options.”
“You can reach us at 513-396-7777 or explore our website at iconsolar.com, where you can submit a request for a consultation and quote,” Andres adds.

Courtesy of: The Herald-Tribune