Carpenter Family Care

Physician offers direct primary care
Dr. Amy Glaser-Carpenter has opened a new primary care clinic, Carpenter Family Care, at 981 S.R. 46, Suite A, Batesville (at the corner of S.R. 46 and Tekulve Avenue).
She plans to offer integrative treatment options to prevent and treat disease. She enjoys working with patients on lifestyle choices in order to improve health and wellness. Carpenter reports, “I am definitely not against medications. Many patients need them. However, sometimes a lifestyle change can offer better results than a medication for some chronic diseases. And, if a patient is interested in choosing a healthier diet, participating in moderate exercise or learning stress management skills, then there are no side effects to those interventions and the rewards are enormous!”
Carpenter’s practice is also unique in that she is removing the middle man, insurance companies. She has decided to offer what is called direct primary care. Her patients will pay her a membership fee of $15-$75 per month based on age. For that fee they will receive all of the primary care services she provides such as routine office visits, sick visits, sports physicals, annual exams as well as any procedure that she performs such as joint injections, skin lesion excisions, cryotherapy, toenail removal, etc. She will only be charging if there is an external fee such as a medication used, a pathology report, etc. Her members will receive significant discounts on medications, labs and imaging studies (if they would rather not use insurance for these items, such as if they have a high deductible plan). Additional member benefits include three free osteopathic manipulative therapy sessions, and one free session with Shawn Holtel, yoga therapist.
Direct primary care is on the rise as more and more doctors are wanting a better option for their patients. This membership model allows doctors to specialize in their patients. Doctors can limit their panel to a manageable number so patients receive the time and attention they deserve. Carpenter communicates with her patients even outside of office visits through phone calls, texts and e-mails, whichever method the patient prefers.
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Article Courtesy of The Herald Tribune