Reclaim has opened at 204 Cross County Plaza, Batesville.

Owner James Ogle says, “We are very excited to have the opportunity to share our vision and expand our reach to the Batesville community. Reclaim has been in Greensburg a little over two years now and serves around 300 members on a monthly basis between personal coaching, group classes and sports performance.

“My vision for Batesville is the same: Offer individuals the opportunity to take back their health and understand that there is a difference between being fit and being healthy. At our open house during the evening presentation, I asked individuals in attendance where there are opportunities to work out. They rattled off several places. Then I asked, ‘Where are the places you go for health? I don’t mean any health, but optimal health?’ No one really had an answer.

“This is our mission, to be a facility that focuses on health first and offers exercise as one layer to that goal.” Ogle has told Greensburg members, “In our culture, exercise alone is not a solution to a health problem.”

Reclaim’s core principles are summed up in the acronym NERDS: nourishment, exercise, recovery, digestion and supplementation. According to the owner, “We encourage our members to become NERDS as they embrace this lifestyle that will reward them with optimal health and performance.”

“We take a holistic approach … and this is one reason why our members are so successful.”

He observes, “We would not be where we are without the staff. I have an amazing team that loves our members well, holds them accountable to become optimal and, in fact, leads by example in our communities.”

More information is offered at Persons with questions may contact the business at 812-932-0011 or

Story covered by: Batesville Herald-Tribune